Short-Term Effects of Air Pollution and Temperature on Daily Morbidity in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai, the second biggest province of Thailand, has confronted air pollution problems due to its rapid economic growth, development and urbanization to serve an increasing population and an influx of tourists from all over the world. Although a large body of epidemiological evidence has suggested that air pollution exposure and temperature changes have been associated with an increase in morbidity and mortality in many cities worldwide, apart from the Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia (PAPA) research projects, few investigations have been made in tropical climates and less developed regions. The objective is to investigate the effects of air pollution and temperature on the health of people in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and to identify people who are more susceptible to air pollution and temperature exposure.


Pudpong, N. Hajat, S.


Epidemiology, 2008


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