Toward the next generation of air quality monitoring: Particulate Matter


Fine particulate matter is one of the key global pollutants affecting human health. Satellite and groundbased monitoring technologies as well as chemical transport models have advanced significantly in the past 50 years, enabling improved understanding of the sources of fine particles, their chemical composition, and their effect on human and environmental health. The ability of air pollution to travel across country and geographic boundaries makes particulate matter a global problem. However, the variability in monitoring technologies and programs and poor data availability make global comparison difficult. This paper summarizes fine particle monitoring, models that integrate ground-based and satellite-based data, and communications, then recommends steps for policymakers and scientists to take to expand and improve local and global indicators of particulate matter air pollution. One of the key set of recommendations to improving global indicators is to improve data collection by basing particulate matter monitoring design and stakeholder communications on the individual country, its priorities, and its level of development, while at the same time creating global data standards for inter-country comparisons. When there are good national networks that produce consistent quality data that is shared openly, they serve as the foundation for better global understanding through data analysis, modeling, health impact studies, and communication. Additionally, new technologies and systems should be developed to expand personal air quality monitoring and participation of non-specialists in crowdsourced data collections. Finally, support to the development and improvement of global multipollutant indicators of the health and economic effects of air pollution is essential to addressing improvement of air quality around the world.


Engel-Cox, Jill Kim Oanh, Nguyen Thi van Donkelaar, Aaron Martin, Randall V. Zell, Erica


Atmospheric Environment, 2013


Particulate matter , Aerosols , Monitoring ,Policy, Indicators