A longitudinal study of the links between Local Air Quality Management and Local Transport Planning policy processes in England


The second round of the Local Transport Plan (LTP2) process in England presents unique challenges and opportunities for integrating Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) within current transport planning policy. Using content analysis of LTP2 documents from nine English authorities, and results from a questionnaire survey of local government officers undertaken in late 2007, this paper charts the changes in the integration of air quality management within the transport planning process since 1997. While substantial improvements in policy integration were observed within the selected case studies, the paper demonstrates that such improvements are often constrained by institutional complexities that create implementation gaps between national objectives and local decision making outcomes.


Olowoporoku, A. O. Hayes, E. T. Leksmono, N. S. Longhurst, J. W. S. Parkhurst, G. P.


Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 2010


Local Air Quality Management (LAQM), Local Transport Plan (LTP), Air Quality Objectives (AQO), polic