Air pollutant emissions from rice straw open field burning in India, Thailand and the Philippines


Rice is a widely grown crop in Asia. China (30%) and India (21%) contribute to about half of the world's total rice production. In this study, three major rice-producing countries in Asia are considered, India, Thailand and the Philippines (the later two contributing 4% and 2% of the world's rice production). Rice straw is one of the main field based residues produced along with this commodity and its applications vary widely in the region. Although rice production practices vary from one country to another, open burning of straw is a common practice in these countries. In this study, an approach was followed aiming at (a) determining the quantity of rice straw being subject to open field burning in those countries, (b) congregating pollutant specific emissions factors for rice straw burning, and (c) quantifying the resulting air pollutant emissions. Uncertainties in the results obtained as compared to a global approach are also discussed. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Gadde, B. Bonnet, S. Menke, C. Garivait, S.


Environmental Pollution, 2009


Air pollutant emissions, Emission factors, Open burning, Rice straw, Emissions factors, Philippines,